Bathroom Remodeling: Things to Know For Strategic Planning

Bathroom Remodeling: Things to Know For Strategic Planning

Bathroom Remodeling: Things to Know For Strategic Planning

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Remodeling a bathroom can be an exciting and rewarding project, but it takes careful planning to ensure that everything goes smoothly and that the result is a beautiful, comfortable, and functional space. 

Planning a bathroom makeover cannot be easy, but with careful planning and study, you can design a space that fits your needs and represents your taste.

The first thing to examine is the big picture: What kind and degree of bathroom makeover are you considering? It would help if you answered this question to have a firm plan before starting.

The four major types of bathroom remodeling include surface updates, more substantial gut, replacement updates, or rearranging the bathroom's layout. 

Learn more about planning for the bathroom remodeling. 

Remodeling Surface-Level

On the simpler end of the restoration spectrum is bath remodeling. You might like the bathroom's overall layout, size, and sound surfaces (walls, ceiling, and floor). If so, remodeling your bathroom on the surface might be wise.

Any surface-level bathroom remodeler aims to maximize hiding or repair and minimize replacement. 

Therefore, a surface-level bathroom redesign produces less trash and is more environmentally beneficial than other bathroom remodeling levels. This leads to a significantly less expensive bathroom makeover because materials for covering and mending are less expensive than replacement materials.

Replace and Remove

This degree of renovation keeps the layout and fixture placements of your old bathroom while gutting the space to expose its bare walls and floors. Then you install all new lighting, plumbing, and carpets.

When the walls are open, the obsolete components are usually replaced with new wiring and plumbing.

Replacing many of the missing bathroom equipment is difficult. Usually, the towel bars, bathroom vanity, and toilet can be changed or cleaned. However, the flooring, bathtub, and shower are typically severely damaged during removal and cannot be installed again.

It is possible to completely gut and replace a bathroom or just a portion. One or two significant walls that house most of the electrical and plumbing may require removing the drywall. The bathroom ceiling and other walls might not alter, save for a final coat of paint.

Change the Layout Design

In a bathroom remodel that alters the plan, the walls and outside are left untouched, but the interior items are moved around.

This level can be much more challenging than a makeover or replacing a few fixtures, such as the tub/shower, the toilet, or the sink. 

It takes a lot of time and is disruptive, messy, and expensive to move these objects. These items must frequently be moved, nevertheless.

Layout alterations also include changes to the wiring, the plumbing, and the total fixture replacements.

Renovate the Bathroom's Entirety

Changes to the bathroom's footprint go beyond rearranging the fixtures or remodeling the entire space. The largest bathroom renovations entail substantial structural changes that alter the layout of the space. This can require altering the roof or ceiling, knocking out an outside wall, or moving or eliminating inside walls.

Usually, the goal is to increase the bathroom's size or convert a secondary bathroom into a large bathroom. Sometimes a tiny bathroom can be transformed into a bedroom to create a larger bathroom.

Go For DIY Bathroom Remodeling or Hire A Contractor? 

Decide whether to DIY or hire a pro. If you're dedicated and merely making aesthetic improvements, you should be able to renovate the bathroom yourself.

However, not every task is made equal. Installing a new toilet is simple, but only experts should build a tiled shower. Decide which jobs you can finish on your own and which ones you should leave to the experts. Never forget to hire a professional to do high-quality work as an investment in your bathroom's future.

If you use the contractor, be sure they have the necessary licenses. You should also know that general building, plumbing, and electrical work require permits. Early application for permits will help you avoid delays.


Planning a bathroom remodeling in California with a contractor is an exciting and rewarding endeavor. It requires careful consideration, research, and communication to ensure successful completion. 

It is important to choose a remodeling contractor experienced in the type of project and to develop a comprehensive plan that addresses the budget, timeline, and materials. 

Additionally, establishing a timeline and budget upfront will ensure that all expectations are met. A bathroom can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience with the right contractor and plan.

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