Get Bathroom Remodeling in California Right with These Tips

Get Bathroom Remodeling in California Right with These Tips

Get Bathroom Remodeling in California Right with These Tips

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While upgrading surfaces and finishes in your bathroom can make it feel more livable, adding function, storage, and comfort can make it feel like home. These bathroom remodeling ideas add long-term value to your home, whether you're looking for a DIY project or one that requires a contractor.

Tip 1: Change Your Toilet

Eco-friendly toilets are a great way to help conserve water. If you want to help the environment and improve your home, consider replacing your old toilet with a low-flow model. Low-flow toilets save water (and money) with each flush, making them a great choice for anyone interested in being more eco-friendly.

Toilets with hidden tanks are a great way to save space in your bathroom. However, they can be difficult to maintain. For this bathroom remodeling project, work with a plumber to design an access door or valve that is both easy to use and looks great.

Tip 2: Ventilate

Mold and mildew can cause serious problems in your bathroom if they are not taken care of. Adding a window or ventilation system can help draw out the moisture and humidity needed to thrive, making your bathroom much safer and healthier.

Windows are a great way to add natural lighting to your home. Not only will this reduce your electricity bill, but it will also make your home more environmentally friendly. If you can, slope the window sill downwards so water can easily drain off. If not, try frosted glass for privacy.

Adding a bathroom fan is a great way to enhance air quality and prevent mold and mildew. Unlike windows you might want to keep closed, you can run a bathroom ventilation fan all year round.

Tip 3: Prioritize Storage, Too

Small bathrooms can often feel cramped and cluttered. Proper storage is essential in making the most of the space. Adding shelves or cabinets for everyday items can help clear off countertops, making the space more organized.

Open and closed storage is a great way to organize a bathroom. Closed storage can be used for frequently used items, like toiletries, while open storage can be used for displaying items like houseplants and small accessories. Closed doors can also hide hygiene items, plungers, laundry, or other cleaning items that must be kept away from children. Baskets and bins can divide vanity drawers and cabinets for a small storage update.

Tip 4: Update the Tiles and Flooring

Changing the shape, size, design, or color of tiles in a bathroom can improve both function and style. To get the most benefits, choose durable and water/heat-resistant materials.

Adding textured tiles to your bathroom can help to prevent slips and falls. Extra grouting can also help to resist mold, humidity, and stains.

Radiant-heated flooring is a major upgrade that can make a huge difference in comfort, especially during cold months. By heating the floor from below, radiant heat floors can help save money long-term by making your space more heat efficient.

In Summary

The most important thing to remember when remodeling a bathroom is how the space makes you feel every time you enter it. If you're planning to flip a guest bathroom or a first-floor powder room, you should channel the mood you want guests to have when they leave. This might mean setting aside your favorite color or trend for a more universally appealing look.

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