6 Ways You Can Make Your Bathroom Senior-Friendly

6 Ways You Can Make Your Bathroom Senior-Friendly

6 Ways You Can Make Your Bathroom Senior-Friendly

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Seniors, especially those living by themselves, need to have a safe and easy-to-use bathroom for their convenience. The bathroom is the part of the house that they’ll often use, and having a well-laid out bathroom can give them the independence and dignity they need as they age. Furthermore, it prevents them from encountering any unwanted accidents. In this article, we will share six ways you can make a senior-friendly bathroom at home:

1. Add grab rails or bars around the bathroom areas

Make your bathroom elderly-friendly by installing railings or bars in accident-prone areas such as the toilet, shower, and bathtub. Having a bar to grab onto whenever it’s time for a shower or toilet break can help both the seniors and their caregivers.

2. Change the showerhead to a sprayer attachment

Having a detachable sprayer to act as a shower will limit the need for your elder to stand while taking a shower. With a sprayer, they can take a bath while sitting down, encouraging them to have a sense of being independent. Since it is also handheld, it’ll make the cleaning of their body easier.

3. Add non-slip mats

Most bathroom accidents happen because of slippery floors. To avoid this, add a non-slip mat in the bathroom. It is a simple yet affordable way to make your bathroom elderly-friendly and accident-free.

4. Change your faucets to a lever-type

Controlling the faucet in upward and downward motion is much easier for the elders. It will require less energy and force compared to the twisting and turning alternative. You can also explore other types of faucets like the foot-operated one. When you want to know which one is best, ask your elderly member what faucet they are more comfortable using. At the same time, it is also important to note that although installing faucets seems like an easy job to do by yourself, it is still best to consult with a professional about any tasks that may affect the plumbing system of your home.

5. Elevate your toilet

Sitting comfortably on a toilet requires more effort from the seniors. An easy way around this difficulty is simply to raise your toilet seat a little. You can make a DIY thick toilet seat to achieve this, or you can replace your toilet with a ‘comfort height’ alternative.

6. Adapt their shower and bath area to their need

For some seniors, small body movements like lifting their legs and moving around can be quite challenging. Likewise, taking a shower or even sitting on a tub will not be easy for them. To make their bathing experience less tiresome, consider customizing the shower area into a curbless shower that can accommodate a wheelchair. For the bathtubs, a walk-in bathtub will also be an excellent option.


If there is an elderly member in your home, the only way you will be comfortable is in knowing that they have a safe living environment. One way to do this is by ensuring that the bathroom is safe and comfortable so that they can move around easily. To ensure the quality of your new bathroom, it is vital to work with certified, licensed, and insured renovation experts. If you are looking for bathroom remodel contractors to help make your bathroom senior-friendly, we can help! Other than increasing the aesthetics of your bathroom, we can improve its functionality at the same time. Get in touch with us today and get a free project estimate!

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